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Facebook Best Practices for Small Business Marketing

Tons of small businesses are missing out on all the opportunities that can come from social media marketing. Are you one of them? If you answered yes, keep reading! This is part one in a series about social media best practices, and today we'll be focusing on Facebook.

I know you're busy, so we'll just cut to the chase. Here are some things to think about when posting content for your small business on Facebook:

  • Utilize videos whenever possible, and upload them directly to Facebook

  • Keep posts short and specific. Between 40 and 80 characters or 120 at an absolute maximum.

  • Ideal video length: under 2 minutes

  • Only hashtag for visual emphasis, not for people to find the post

  • Post in the afternoon or early eveningsInclude images whenever possible

  • Engage with people in the comments section

  • Try to post things that tell a story and inspire interaction

  • Avoid copy that sounds like you’re trying to trick or coerce people into engaging with your content. (“Tag 5 friends” or “Comment with your fav emoji”, etc.)

  • Get people to interact with the posts and contribute meaningful stories

  • Posts that naturally encourage people to share their comments and stories are best

I hope these tips can help you get the most out of social media marketing for your small business! If you need any help, please let me know! I offer a few different social media services from a simple checkup to full management. You can check those out here:

If you'd like to learn more about social media or small business marketing in general, I'd love to help. You can schedule a free 30 min consultation with me by clicking here.

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